Invitation: Climate City Olympics Initiative – Sept. 11, 2018

Every few months, the world adds a city the size of Singapore. And already today, cities account for three quarters of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cities will be the central actors in future climate change mitigation and adaptation. Given the digital revolution and the sustainability challenges, we now have to reinvent the way cities are built and operated, and how cities can contribute to the solutions for humanity’s existential problems.

The Olympic games are held every two years and attract hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, just to see how people compete in different sportive disciplines. Why not adopt this idea in other areas, such as countering climate change and fostering sustainability? And how can this format contribute to reaching the United Nations Sustainability Goals, as laid out in the Agenda 2030, the Paris Climate Accords, and elsewhere? The Climate City Olympics could boost innovation globally. Cities and regions around the world would compete for the best environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, resource-saving, and crisis-proof solutions.

A dedicated group of leading visionaries from universities, governments and civil society institutions met in Vienna in May 2018 to brainstorm how to organize the Global Climate City Olympics. You can read their strategy paper here.

There will be a second meeting on September 11, 2018 at the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna. The aims of this meeting are to gather all relevant stakeholders to work out last details of the strategy, to agree to start a pilot, and to establish an organizing committee. We are eager for new minds to join!

Register online for the second planning workshop.

Download the Climate City Olympics workshop invitation.


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