FuturICT2 Forum & General Assembly in Zurich

The FuturICT2 consortium met for a 2-day conference (agenda) in Zurich on 27th and 28th of February, 2019. The public FuturICT2 Forum on day 1 presented key results of the project to an general audience, the FuturICT2 General Assembly on day 2 discussed reporting and planned the final year and next steps.

The public FuturICT2 Forum on day 1 showcased some of the key results achieved in the first two years of the FuturICT2 FLAG ERA project. The Swiss node at COSS (ETH Zurich) offered a full day of talks and hands-on sessions at memox.world, an interactive conference space. In several keynotes during the morning, the speakers explained the importance of a new financial paradigm, outlined the core concepts and architecture of Finance 4.0, and presented an interactive demonstration in which the audience could obtain tokens for watering a plant.

Before lunch, the two external partners who aim to test the Finance 4.0 system with their constitutents, presented their cases. WWF Romania/Switzerland will use Fin4 in the WildAI project to align the interests between nature conservation (rewilding Bisons) and the socio-economic development (enabling the population to influence and enable infrastructure projects) in the Carpathians. KISS is an cooperative offering a sophisticated time-banking scheme to 1200 citizens across Switzerland and wants to tap into blockchain technology to manage the collection of time vouchers in a more decentralized way.

The afternoon offered the audience a wide spectrum of interactive workshops to deep-dive into several aspects of the Finance 4.0 concepts and demonstrator:

  • Blockchain Taxonomy & Cryptoeconomics (M. Ballandies)
  • Connecting Sensors through IoT and LoRa (M. Wuttke)
  • Blockchain Incentive Design (M. Dapp)
  • Proofing Real World Events & Blockchain Governance (S. Klauser)

The international team of researchers met on the second day for the FuturICT2 General Assembly in the historical Pallmann room at ETH Zurich. The team went through the extensive reporting on research and dissemination activities during the second year of FuturICT2 and discussed the plans for the final year with regard to event coordination, joint publications, and further strategies for 2020 and beyond. The reports on Finance4.0 can be read here: Fin4 Design, Fin4 Concept.

Some of the FuturICT2 consortium members paid the new COSS offices a visit.

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