Climate City Olympics FAQ

Who is the Climate City Olympics for?

Stakeholders of the Climate City Olympics include municipalities, academic institutions, local businesses, NGOs and citizens. We believe it is essential that decisions about urban development be made collectively, with representatives from diverse communities -- and we want this to be represented at the Climate City Olympics.

How can my city participate?

With any kind of sustainability project that involves measuring progress. It could be about transportation, food waste, energy consumption, or something completely different!

Why should my city be interested in participating?

To be an important part of an essential movement at a crucial time! Cities and regions around the world would compete for the best environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, resource-saving, and crisis-proof solutions. Participating in the Climate City Olympics could significantly improve the natural environments of cities and release untapped innovation potential for the local economy.

What is the cost of participating in the workshops?

Participation is free, and we can help cover travel costs. Just let us know if you need assistance.

Read everything else you need to know about the Climate City Olympics, and find the registration for the September planning meeting, here.


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