Climate City Cup Hackup to take place in Geneva on 21.03.2019

On March 21, 2019, a workshop will be organized back-to-back with the Open Geneva week so that local Climate City Cup coordinators can learn about how the disciplines of the first edition can be measured and how communities can be motivated to contribute. These local coordinators will then hold meetings with local organizations and run classes in their respective region’s cities. The Climate City Cup Task Force is currently connecting to the cities interested in the first edition, identifying local stakeholder groups and discussing ways of (individually or collectively) capturing live information about the environment in a city as well as transmitting, analyzing and visualizing the data. The Climate City Cup website will be launched soon.

If you are interested in contributing to the Climate City Cup, please contact Stefan Klauser, through email at the following address

Event Agenda

09:00Check-In & Welcome Coffee
09:30Welcome Notes: T. Maillart (Open Geneva), S. Klauser (Climate City Cup)
09:45Introduction: From Distributed Sustainability to the Climate City Cup (S. Klauser, C. Carreno)
10:30Q&A Session 1
10:45Talking Measurements: Introduction to the Disciplines, Measurements and the mapunity Platform (S. Klauser, Sathya)
11:15Q&A Session 2
11:30 Workshop Discipline 1: Emissions – Setting up sensors and share data through LoRa (C Laib, M. Wuttke, C. Jouas)
13:30Workshop Discipline 2: Food Waste Avoidance – Identifying and partnering with local initiatives (F. Homolka)
14:30Workshop Discipline 3: Mobility – Identifying and partnering with local initiatives and report through the mapunity platform (Sathya, S. Klauser)
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Workshop Discipline 4: Energy Use – Where to get the data from in your local context? (D. Faure)
16:45Workshop Discipline 5: Flight Compensation – Motivate people to use MyClimate (K. Landwehr)
17:15Summary and Conclusions (S. Klauser)
17:30Transfer to Sustainable Cities Event
18:00Presentation of CCC at Sustainable Cities Networking Event (D. Helbing)
Ca. 20:00End of Workshop Day


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