Finance 4.0:

FuturICT 2.0 will pursue disruptive innovation by addressing the main social problems at their root: lack of sustainability. To this aim, we propose a model called Finance 4.0: a circular and sharing economy that would allow a high quality of life for more people with less resources.

The finance 4.0 system is liberal, democratic, pluralistic, participatory, social and ecological. It makes use of the immaterial nature of information, boosts combinatorial innovation and creates opportunities for all, by fostering an open and participatory ecosystem.

To demonstrate the basic functionality of the Finance 4.0, we will develop the Finance 4.0 Pilot Demonstrator. It will explore the potentialities of this innovative economic model, from pricing and trading to multi-currencies, from taxation options to new opportunities for central banks’ financial system.

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FuturICT 2.0