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Bridge ICT & Social Sciences:
Creating and reinforcing synergies between ICT and the Social Sciences: this is the first challenge of the FuturICT 2.0 project. In an era of grand social challenges, the integration of these two areas has become a necessity for facilitating a fruitful co-evolution of Information and Communication Technology systems and Society. Within FuturICT 2.0, data from…
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Simulations & Experiments:
To provide an operational, effective example of how the mixed ICT/Social Simulation approach could radically transform research on society, FuturICT 2.0 will launch a new, ICT-based way of doing research in the social sciences. We will integrate (online) experiments and computer simulations, working together towards a more resilient and adaptive society. The ultimate goal is…
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Finance 4.0:
FuturICT 2.0 will pursue disruptive innovation by addressing the main social problems at their root: lack of sustainability. To this aim, we propose a model called Finance 4.0: a circular and sharing economy that would allow a high quality of life for more people with less resources. The finance 4.0 system is liberal, democratic, pluralistic,…
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FuturICT 2.0