Calls for Projects


To enlarge the communities of social, computational and complexity scientists, FuturICT 2.0 will adopt the instrument of jointly-supervised STIMUL (Short TIme MULti-disciplinary) projects.

A number of small ICTSS calls for short multi-disciplinary projects (3 to 9 months) will be launched, starting from October 2017.

Some examples are:

- Attitude, value, norm and identity evolutions in Europe (local, national specificities and continental common points, roles of virtual social networks)

- Social vulnerability, resilience and innovation in global changes (urbanisation, land use change, climate change, migrations, economics, virtual worlds…)

- Multicultural dynamics: assimilation, integration, tolerance, radicalization.

The selected STIMUL projects will be co-supervised by a social scientist (e.g. psychologist, anthropologist, economist) and an ICT or a hard scientist (computer scientist, mathematician, physicist).

Stay tuned to have more info on the STIMUL future calls and the selection process!

FuturICT 2.0