Monthly Archives: March 2019

FuturICT2 Forum & General Assembly in Zurich
The FuturICT2 consortium met for a 2-day conference (agenda) in Zurich on 27th and 28th of February, 2019. The public FuturICT2 Forum on day 1 presented key results of the project to an general audience, the FuturICT2 General Assembly on day 2 discussed reporting and planned the final year and next steps. The public FuturICT2…
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Climate City Cup Hackup to take place in Geneva on 21.03.2019
On March 21, 2019, a workshop will be organized back-to-back with the Open Geneva week so that local Climate City Cup coordinators can learn about how the disciplines of the first edition can be measured and how communities can be motivated to contribute. These local coordinators will then hold meetings with local organizations and run…
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FuturICT 2.0