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Publication: Early Signals of Trending Rumor Event in Streaming Social Media
Publication: Early Signals of Trending Rumor Event in Streaming Social Media In this study, we propose a mechanism for identifying early signals of trending rumor events (i.e. controversial emerging topics) in streaming social media. The pattern, combining features of both user's attitude and information diffusion, is applied in the sliding windows of social media data…
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Publication: Quantifying Heterogeneity in Financial Data
The Detrending Moving Average (DMA) algorithm can be implemented to estimate the Shannon entropy of a long-range correlated sequence which will be shown to be of particular relevance for its significance in finance. The entropy is written as the sum of two terms corresponding respectively to power-law (ordered) and exponentially (disordered) distributed blocks (clusters). Interestingly,…
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I3M 2017
I3M 2017, Barcelona Every year, the I3M Multiconference renovates the opportunity to bring together researchers, scientists and practitioners, from the Mediterranean Area, Latin & North Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, who are concerned with Modeling and Simulation in Industry and Academia. I3M 2017 was held in Barcelona from 18th to 20th September. The Riga…
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Cesis IT Meetup
Cesis IT Meetup, Riga How can industry, single organisations and individuals develop effective incentive systems to build the digital economy of the future? The Cesis IT Meetup held on September 22nd at the Riga Technical University (RTU) revolved around this main question. Professor Egils Ginters from the department of Modelling and Simulation of the RTU Computer…
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